NBN Info

NBN – big letters and confusing to most. We can provide smarter and better solutions!

The big Telcos would make you believe that you have to use their services with NBN, and that’s not the case at all; they just don’t tell you all the facts.

Just think of NBN (National Broadband Network) as another internet service (just like ADSL), that’s all it is. Instead of having fixed/copper phone lines (PSTN or ISDN), they simply supply a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service from the modem/router or a internet gateway. We have been doing this for 15+ years, well before they even offered the service.

We’ll show you how to get the finest NBN deals, including phone lines and hardware. We can source you a better deals for NBN users than, Telstra, Optus, Commander and other big Telcos offer, plus using quality NBN compatible hardware –read more