WiFi and Access Points

Installing a WiFi Access Point into your home or business will increase your wireless signal throughout your home or business allowing Internet devices to operate efficiently using the strong signal emitted form the wireless access point itself.

WiFi is now heavily used around the home and office, even within the pool and social areas within premises and is becoming an expectation wherever you travel to or visit.

Modern WiFi access points will improve performance and latency, and allow users to seamlessly rove from room to room using the same SSID in 2.4GHz and 5GHz compatible devices.

For optimum wifi/wireless coverage multiple access points can be installed all using the same SSID for seamless roaming throughout the premises.

WiFi Pty Ltd staff are WiFi Engineers and can assist your with small to large WiFi rollouts. We support IT companies, electricians to large developers and can work with you to design and implement a great solution.

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